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Food Business Design and Licensing

Our Method

To design the facilities of the client company and compile the studies for the issue of the required state licenses, we take into account its business sector, its size, its organizational structure and its available financial resources. Our goal is to implement a winning design that will ensure the full coverage of legal requirements, the swift completion of the project and our client's satisfaction.

Screening +

The purpose of screening is to verify the company's real estate owned property (or the real estate property that plans to acquire or lease), as to wether it fulfills the legal requirements for licensed company operations (land use, building legality, health provisions of the building, etc).

Study +

Our company will compile all studies, complete the required state documents and find all legalizing documents provided by state authorities.

Preliminary Approval +

Our company will prepare the approval folder for any state authority required.

License Acquisition +

Our company, prepares and submits all files to the relevant state authorities, depending on the kind of the company's operations (Fire Service, Hygiene Service, Veterinary Service, etc.).