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Verification and Compilation of Subsidy Studies

Our Method

The process of subsidy approval from National or European Union funds is delicate, because not all companies have the same odds of being granted a subsidy. This is primarily determined by a company's financial data (turnover, earnings, number of employees, etc). DrasiCon, with full respect to its clients, implements a policy of not undertaking any client company that has a low probability of subsidy approval and provides full explanation on the reasons of consultancy services denial.

Screening +

The purpose of screening is to verify a company's business plan viability and its possibility of being granted a subsidy (NSRF, Developmental Law, etc.). We verify a multitude of company data, such as kind and geographical area of operations, financial status, etc.

Recording Subsidy Requirements/Study +

DrasiCon discusses subsidy needs with the company that has passed the screening described above, and indicates the correct "blend" of actions required to be added to its business plan in order to maximize its score from the evaluation authority (Ministry of Rural Development, Intermediary Management Bodies, etc.). Finally, DrasiCon proceeds to the compilation of the study.

Study Submission +

Our company submits the investment proposal to the implementing authorities (Ministry of Rural Development, Intermediary Management Bodies, etc.). They track the progress of the proposal until the final selection of the companies that will receive a subsidy.

Implementation Tracking and Finalization +

After the successful granting of the company, DrasiCon continuously monitors the correct implementation of the company's subsidized business plan and directs it to properly record the relevant technical and financial data in order to assure the uninterrupted progress of the program.