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Why Us

DrasiCon was founded in 2004 and possesses a wealth of experience in Pest Control and Food Businesses Consulting. It consists of experienced and scientifically accomplished executives, and was created by Dipl. Chemical Engineer Athanassios Geropapas, after his long tenure as an executive and afterwards as Technical Manager of Veropoulos Supermarkets Group.

Food Business Consulting Services

Our experience and technical sufficiency was adequate so that during our first year of operations, one of our executives was appointed as one of the first Hellenic Food Authority Trainers. A multitude of projects were completed with swiftness, accuracy, reliability and at a reasonable cost.

"We know our customers' needs not as simple engineers and foreigners to their everyday routine, but as deep cognizants of their workspace due to our previous experience in food businesses."

Pest Control Services

Our experience in Pest Control started in 2001 with our Special Scientist implementing all related projects in every facility (warehouses, production units and retail shops) of Veropoulos Supermarkets Group for the whole country. Upon DrasiCon's opening in 2004 we started implementing Pest Control projects in public and private businesses, as well as in privateers. Our company has developed and is actively applying an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System as well as an ΕΝ 16636:2015 Pest and Harmful Insect Management system.

"The accumulated experience gained from the activity before and after the founding of our company and considering our policy for fast, reliable and cost effective implementations, enables us to provide a definitive solution to the various problems of public and private spaces".